NEC-3540A - Reads/Writes DVD's but Not CD's? Worked fine until

…until last Sunday when I was burning an ISO image w/Roxio 9.

Half way through the burn I got an error message (didn’t log it) and then I burned a coaster.

Unit now plays/writes DVD’s but when I insert a blank or written CD it just “clicks” and doesn’t find anything.

Any ideas?

Hi,same problem for a lot of other users,I rang nec in uk and was told I was just unlucky and got a bad drive (2 months out of warranty) guess Im gonna buy a pioneer next time,mine still reads and burns dvd discs,poor service,poor excuse,poor quality control on nec side i think but they dont want to admit it cos they will have to replace thousands of drives,do as me use it for a door stop in summer so the dog can get out of the house.

I have the same problem it says not enough disk space on cd and I know it is blank and I tried several cd’s and the thing is it does it with both my burners nec 3550 and lite-on 1673 so I don’t think it is the burner unless both did this at same time. also i can burn on cd with nero make a data cd but not copy disk. copy disk has worked in the past so something happened if anyone has any ideas please let us know.

I’m going to write this reply like a 3rd grade essay.

I’m happy because… I’ve been going insane trying to figure out why my 3540A will r/w DVD’s but no longer even recognizes CD’s.

I’m sad because… now I know that my DVD burner is a piece of junk.