NEC 3540A Read Problem

I have an NEC 3540A which burns DVD+Rs fine, which playback anywhere. DVD-Rs, however, cause problems: I can burn them OK and they play on my stand-alone player, but I cannot read them in Windows Explorer.
I get the error: “Windows cannot read from this disc. The disk might be corrupted, or it could be using a format that is not compatible with windows”.
This is the same for all DVD-Rs, even old ones which used to play fine on other burners. Burned on various versions of Nero.
Strangely, Isobuster will read and extract the files, but I cannot read directly from the disk. Am I overlooking something obvious?


Some software/driver prevents the OS/explorer from recognizing and reading the content/media.

Uninstall software like CloneDVD, Alcohol, Packet-Writing software and virtual drives.

also update your FW for the drive!