NEC 3540A problem with protected DVDs




I m using 1.04 Firmware, it seems that every protected DVD I m trying to play is having problem after 10-15 mins. Once I play the DVD such as Xmen, Lord of the rings…etc the dvd player stops reading the protected DVD after 10 mins. No idea why is that.

I can play movie on unprotected DVDs, I can write and read to DVDs CDs,

but I can’t play a full movie on protected DVD after 10mins, I m using powerDVD 6.0, 7.0…

please help,

thanks for reading


Is this a full software version?


yes it is. I tried 1.01, 1.03 and unofficial firmwares, no improvments at all. the same problem with protected DVDs, ?


Why would you use v6 and v7??

Try with VLC player.


Chef, it worked, its been now over 20 mins, and no problems at all,

Still power DVD has much more vivid sound effects :(,

but then whats wrong with power dvd ?..

thank you for your help m8,


I dunno. Some versions dislike others, and sometimes windvd craps out whole computers…


never used windvd, heard it has a CPU LOOP bug of some kind.

I m going to stik with VLC until a new firmware get released. Thanks again for helping me.