NEC 3540A problem with MAM-A gold

I am using an NEC 3540A (LaCie d2) with a Mac PB G4 Ti 667 1G (OS 10.4.7, Toast 6 Titanium). I bought the drive in October 2005.

Until now, I have been successfully using the drive to burn 8X data backups to CD-R (TY) and DVD-R (TY Silver Lacquer and MAM-A Gold Archive). Today I burned two MAM-A DVD-Rs but when I opened a new spindle, I got the error message, “Connection not stable.” I got the same error with other MAM-As from that spindle and also from another new spindle. I am still able to burn to TDK DVD-Rs and TY CD-Rs with no problem.

I flashed the firmware to NEC original 1.0.4 (previously it had 1.0.1) but still can’t burn the MAM-As.

Is this just a faulty drive? Anything else to try?

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MAM-A discs are not good quality. Maybe the NEC just doesn’t support them?

Is there a review or other source of information you could point me to that that says that MAM-A are not high quality? (I thought it was just the opposite.)

As far s the 3540A not supporting them, it wrote to 100 MAM-A Gold Archives with no problem–it was only when I got a new spindle of them that the problem occurred.


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In thread you’ll find some more infos about MAM-A and MAM-E, given by people really expert on media stuff… :iagree:



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