NEC 3540A POS Help Please



I Been having a problem with my drive when i install it it causes my computer to hang and it does not read it at all i never have trouble with other drives.It is almost exactly like what has happened in this thread except the solution i don’t have nvidia card installed and i REPEAT it is not my card it’s Drivers or any ribbon cables that is the problem.Does anybody have any ideas Thanks any help would be appreciated


Hi :slight_smile:
Sorry not enough info.
computer hangs - is this whilst booting or after when system is running?
What is your configuration? your OS? do you have a alternative PC to try the drive in?


Win Xp 256mb RAM ati aiw 8500DV While booting then my computer does not recognize any Optical drives (I Have DVD-ROM as other optical) but if i install any other drive such as my old cdrw it reads it fine and boots OK! I Know it’s not my cables or master slave deal so that not the problem it appears it’s the drive .No i don’t have another Comp.Thanks for the help.


it looks like the drive is knocking out the ide controller it is plugged into.

what is the ide channel it is connected to set to? auto, cdrom? i would set to auto since on older mb cdrom is limited to ata 1 and this drive is an ata 2 which might cause the controller to stall out. try it as a single master and make sure the ide controller is set to auto. might need a bios upgrade on the MB

in fact what kind of mbd do you have?


OK! that might be it.Thanks Cnlson. :cool: