NEC 3540a OR NEC 3550a

Hey all,
My first post here and certainly not my last. This forum looks like it’s gonna turn into my second favorite site (after forums of course :slight_smile: )

anyway, I’m using a lite-on 48x12x48 burner and an MSI 16x dvd reader. I’m thinking it’s time for an upgrade. I’m gonna be selling the Lite-on burner and replacing it with a DVD burner so that i can do “on the fly” burning.

I dunno squat about optical drives so please bare with me…
I saw all the great reviews on newegg about the NEC 3540a but my local store only sells the NEC 3550a. According to this site they’re the same burner except the 3550a has some kind of added feature or something right?

So which should i get? Should i mayb get a different brand that has a better drive? What’s the whole “scanning” thing i’ve been reading about?


read this thread:

hmmm according to that thread the 3550 is a better writer than the 3540 but a much worse reader…

What does a bad reader actually mean in real life? Will i have trouble reading my burnt CDs?

I’m going to run some nero tests on a DVD-R disc my friend burnt for me and post the results. (Reading using my MSI 16x of course)

it means troubles with bad and scrathed cd’s and dvd’s. See this thread:

Oh then nevermind my tests…

4550a is the same as 3550a i suppose?

btw my MSI DVD is the MSI D16

i’m googling a review of it currently…
can anyone tell me how good of a reader it is?


unnable to find a full length review, help plz

yes, nec4550 and 3550 have same hardware part.
actually if you haven’t scratched media - 3550 will be good enough. Especially for reading dvd’s, mostly bad dvd’s will be read ok. For my opinion (if not depend on tests) this drive works good with any DVD media. Reading cd’s not so good as DVD’s, i don’t like it.

Anyway to crossflash a 3550 to a 4550?

Not yet. :wink:

Maybe there is. But maybe it just hasn’t been tested yet.

alright i’ll get the 3550a

thanks all

Hi to all!

I’ve just searched the forum to find info about crossflashing 3550a to another drive.

Liggy when you release the crossflashing firmware for 3550a, will it support conversion from 3550->3551 (Labelflash) or 3550->4551?


Liggy never gonna release that tool (he has his own reasons) the answer is no and always be NO