NEC 3540a or 3550a?

I need some advice, I purchased 2 mad dog 16x burners 1 is an 3540a and the other is a 3550a.I have decided i don’t need 2 .
Which is the better drive overall ?


The 3540 was widely considered a better scanner and one of the few good 35xx series (apart from the 3500) drives which NEC made.

I’d say keep the 3540. (Mine burns great with 1.Wb firmware).


I’m using my 4551 (same hardware as 3550) for burning and the 3540 for scanning and as my reading drive.

I would keep both drive and use them as liggy does.

I find the 3540a a bit more quite and I seem to be getting great burns with Liggy’s and Dee’s ND3540 1.WB modified Firmware.
The 3550a is giving me some bad burns, niether drive seems to rip faster than 8X

Why not an Optiarc 717x?

And what firmaware do you use for 4551A drive

You can crossflash the 3550 to a 4551…

this one

And what about 1-X3

I didn’t try it.

There was “Dee’s ND4551 1-X3 firmware” here

And now it is removed. Why?
But I’m using it now.
Smth wrong with it?
1-X3 i based on 1-08bt firmware ( - what is the difference beatween 1-X3 and 1-08bt

That was my fault. I recently had to do some changes on the site to add support for the latest SATA drives. During these changes this one seems to have slipped through, but it should be there again now.