NEC 3540A on a Mac



Hi All, my first post, I’m so proud! I guess this question has been asked many times so if anyone could point me in the right direction, I’d appreciate it. I have an NEC 3540A running on a G5 Mac. I’d like to update the firmware so I can read different area coded disks. I’ve found a site which has firmware updates but as a newbie, I’m a little confused as to a) which to download (there are so many!) b) what to do with the download after I’ve picked one and c) can I run it on my Mac? I do have a PC so can put the drive in there to do the firmware update, but still have a problem as to what to do with the firmware update. Any help gratefully received. Cheers. Snorts.


Not so. :disagree: Only 1.01 (official) and 1.W5 (Liggy and Dee modified firmware).
Check the NEC forum :slight_smile: