NEC 3540A - Old JVC no read burned dvd-r

I just got this new OEM Nec 3540A after my Pioneer 106 gave up the ghost.

Everything seemed ok. I am only burning dvd-r discs and am playing them on a newer Panasonic Player and my older JVC player (about 6 years old.)

I have had no problems in writing discs that played ok on the older drive until now!! Discs burned (dvd-r) play ok on the Panasonic, but won’t play properly on the JVC. The JVC is an older player and i know that it has problems playing dvd+r discs. But, these are dvd-r discs that won’t play on this player.

From what I’ve read, i can’t change the book type for -r on the Nec 3540A. Has anyone seen this problem? It seems like a book type problem as all my later players seem to have no problem.

The firmware is 1.01. I am also using Toast 5.2.3 on the Mac to burn the disc.

Any help is greatly appreciated!!!



First try changing the brand media that you are using and use quality media such as Tayio Yuden or Verbatim.

You can’t change the book type of any DVD- media, not just on the Nec’s, but any other burner, its a property of the media.
Why don’t you just use DVD+ media and use Liggy and Dee’s latest firmware 1.W5, you can get it here

Keep in mind if you use this firmware it will void your warranty.

That said, read the thread about how others had great success with this firmware.<O:p

Changing booktype, better known as bitsetting will burn your DVD + media to the DVD-Rom format, the same format that store bought DVD are pressed at.
This format makes it compatible in just about any player.
The 3540A does have bitsetting compatibility with dual layer DVD+media, but not with single layer DVD+ disks.

Hope this helps you.

Stick with +R in the old JVC players, they have problems with -R. Newer ones play it all.


I have applied the firmware, and while it had no effect on the -r media, i will get some +r media and give this a try.

The only reason that i haven’t used +r is that, up until buying this drive, everything has worked fine! I’ve never had to look at firmware updates to write a dvd that worked on all my drives, regardless of the media brand or type.

I will be trying some different media as well and let you know how it goes!




The old JVC really had problems with +R discs. (At least those that others gave me. I’ll try some on my end.)

I’ll try and let you guys know!



Don’t forget to set the booktype for DVD+R to DVD-ROM first.

While you’re spending money on discs and such, keep in mind that a new player is about $40 these days.


That’s how I got into this situation. The Nec 3540a was $40 from Newegg.

If i can get it to burn a disc my jvc can read, then it’ll be a bargain.



My old JVC would read any +R I threw at it, regardless of booktype, but was VERY picky about -R. As it got older, it had problems reading most everything.
Currently have 2 newer JVC’s that read everything.

try and burn your films on a rewritable dvd-rw they use a different dye than normal disks this might work on your older jvc player or just buy a cheap dvd player from asda they will play anything

    cheers   bighun1952


As Liggy said ”Don’t forget to set the booktype for DVD+R to DVD-ROM first."
Installing the updated firmware does not do it automatically.

The instructions were in the FAQ’s supplied with the downloaded firmware.
I suggest you download Nero’s CD speed V4.01 to do change the booktype for both SL DVD+ and DL DVD+. In addition, it will be a useful tool to scan your burned disks and see the results.<O:p

You can download it here:

Below are instructions from the FAQ file.<O:p

Q: How do i set SL bitsetting for +R media?<O:p

A: Use CD Speed or WinBtype to set booktype to DVD-ROM This setting is remembered by the drive and only needs set once. Make sure no disc is in the drive.<O:p

Q: How do i use DL +R bitsetting?
A: Use CD Speed or WinBtype to set booktype to DVD-ROM This setting is remembered by the drive and only needs set once. Make sure no disc is in the drive.<O:p

Please get the quality media as suggested, it’s cheaper in the long run, no coasters and it will play fine a year from now.

Let us know how you made out.:iagree:


I had tried using -rw discs with my jvc, and previously it spit them out.



We’ll i’ve has success of a sort.

I made sure that the booktype was set to -rom and then purchased some verbatim -r discs and some cheaper +r discs (dynex), both for testing.

Results: The +r disc worked in my old JVC without a hitch!!! This went and worked so smoothly. I’m assuming the change in booktype accounts for this.

Verbatim -r disc: This worked!!! Better media, i’m assuming. (The change in booktype should have had no effect on this, right?)

Original cheap -r disc: Started out working better but then had problems. This DID perform better, but eventually had problems. I have to assume that this is a media problem and that the NEC 3540a doesn’t like this type of meda. (Unless anyone has any other ideas.)

So i guess, what i’ve learned, is that media types really do play a difference, however i feel really good about the drive working with the cheaper +r discs!

Thanks to everyone here and all their support!

I’ll continue testing and burning!

Thanks again!


Good to hear it’s working for you. Why don’t you just use quality Verbatim DVD+ and stay with that, it will always burn DVD-Rom and your JVC player will accept it. Do yourself a favor and stay away from the cheap stuff.
You are correct the DVD- you burned with good results was not burned at DVD-Rom, but rather DVD-. By using the Verbarim DVD+ not only do have good media but the booktype is set and you should never again have a problem with the old JVC player accepting your burned disks.

I’m assuming the change in booktype accounts for this.

You may find that the +R will play fine regardless of the booktype. I know it did on my old JVC. I was never able to predict how it would react to -R, it was completely random but sometimes depended on what burner it was burned in.

I think you’re correct. But, please look at this post that I found. Can anyone comment on this? Is this complete B.S.?