NEC 3540A not recognized by Nero 5

I’m new to DVD RW drives, but the one I just got is the NEC 3540A. I installed it in place of the stock CDRW drive that came with my Dell desktop.

The first problem I had was that I wasn’t paying attention to the jumper settings and had the Liteon DVD ROM drive set to cable select and the NEC I had just installed set to master. This caused neither drive to be recognized when I booted the computer back up. I wasn’t sure exactly how to set them, so I set both to cable select since that was how the drives had been set before I installed the new one. Both drives are now recognized in WinXP. The Liteon is working properly now, reading CDs and DVDs. The NEC I installed however doesn’t seem to be working. While it will operate CDs and DVDs, when I try to burn anything in Nero5, the drive doesn’t seem to be recognized.

Using the burn wizard, I can get all the way to the part where you would actually click ‘Burn’. However, in this window, there are no write speed options in the dropdown box. When I attempted to hit burn, Nero5 shutdown. I tried this for a DVDR and a CDR, and both had the same malfunction.

I had previously been using Nero with my old CDRW drive, and it worked fine. I’m not sure which end the problem is on, but I’m assuming it’s something to do with the new DVDRW. Any help that anyone could offer would be much appreciated.

install the latest version of nero 6.6 wil do and wil work with your nec 3540a

All CD, Combo and DVD recorders manufactured since 1997 should be supported by Nero and higher through our SmartDetectâ„¢ technology which dynamically detects and supports new drives. The version numbers listed under “supported since” indicate the version from which the drive was officially entered into Nero´s internal drive database. However thanks to SmartDetectâ„¢ technology, even if a drive has not been registered, it should still be supported.
minimum of 6.0