NEC 3540A not recgonized by Windows

Recently my NEC 3540A (master) stopped burning CD’s so i decided to replace the slave drive with one of my other CD burners (BKM-52X16) and since i installed that, neither of my CD drives have been recgonized by windows. could this be because the BKM-52X16 isn’t fully installed because i keep getting “found new hardware” messages from windows and i cant find the software anywhere not even the internet…

help any one?

You should check the jumpering and cables on both drives.
If they are CS/cable select, jumper them master and slave according to their actual connection & setup.

I think the solution about this “new hardware found” issue can be found on the NEC support sites in their FAQ. You surely need to delete the INFCACHE file and restart.

thanks for the help it works now!