NEC 3540a - Not able to take out RipLock


I upgraded my NEC 3540A firmware with 103bt_rpc1 from Liggy.

I use DVDShrink to rip DVDs. Rip starts with 8Mb/s and deteriorates to 1.3Mb/s.

Am I missing something in upgrading the firmware to remove RipLock?


Doesn’t sound like riplock sounds like a bad disc, riplock does not slow down the read speed (8MB/s -> 1.3MB/s) it sets a top ripping speed (no faster than 4x). Try a BRAND NEW disc and see if your ripping speeds are still poor as the NEC drive does slow down to re-read bad discs.

Both parts are correct :iagree:

DVDShrink compresses your DVD while reading so DVDShrink will not show the correct expression of rip/read speed.

:doh: I didn’t even think about that when reading the guy’s post :doh: - I need more coffee!

I tried ripping couple of other new disks and its still the same…:frowning: