Nec 3540a+maxell+cdspeed and strange results?

Dear friends
i have made two disc quality tests for maxell dvd+r media by using same software,same drive but the read speeds were max and 5x.

at max read speed i have got this result

at 5x read speed i have got this result

may i ask you which read speed should i choose?

in the sticky topic ‘‘CD-DVD Speed Disc Quality (PI/PIF) Test’’
i can see that @rdgrimes choosed max speed at the pictures that he uploaded
but in the sam thread and other post @Jamos said that ‘Also choose 4x speed for scanning’
i am really confused my friends really.
and what about the percentage of quality,one single peak makes a big decrease in that quality of percentage?is percentage realiable?
have i got a good or bad media?

If you re-scan @ 5x, i bet the big spike will dissapear. Your scan is good, a single large spike like that (or even a couple) can often just be ignored. So don’t worry about the ‘quality score’ as it’s based largely upon max PIF value - so if a single big spike occurs (which might be a mistake from your reader) then it ruins the score.

uuhhh… they’re identical. One’s has 20 as the maximum measurement on the PI and the other has 10, so it looks like one has “lower” errors, when in fact they’re pretty identical.

As for that spike, just disregard it along with CD-DVD speed scoring. If it’s not a sustained spike, chances are you’ll never have a problem with it.