NEC 3540A - Major TY Problem

i was using Ritek G05’s which was getting 98/99 Quality when i tested them…

since everyone is raving about these TY discs i speant an extra £20 and got 100 DVD+R printables with the dye:


i was expecting the disc to shine with quality, but my first burn was really really bad quality on the Nero graph,… then i upgraded to the latest firmware 1.0.4 … i did another burn and the Nero Test Quality was absolutely discraceful … it ended up under 30 …

what a waste of money, i am almost ready to bin 97 of these crappy things…

Could you post the scans? It could just be the typical NEC “spikes” that are bringing the quality score down, but we won’t know unless we can see a scan or two :slight_smile:

how do i do that then ?? sorry bit of a noob with this …

Well, obviously you know how to scan, so that’s a great start :slight_smile:

Take a look at this: Attach disc quality scans to your post, should help. :slight_smile:

I am now doing the quality scan on my laptop instead of my desktop PC …

The graph seems to be a lot slower to complete, but its as smooth as a babys …

What the hell … i am using latest NeroSpeed2000 on both computers …

When scanning … and it shows all the speeds on the right hand side (current, start, end, etc.) is that the speed the disc was wrote at… or the speed my drive is currently reading/testing the disc at?

Different scanning drives=different scanning results. When i scan dvds tyg02’s that i burn with my benq 1655 it tells me they are 97-98% quality, but when i scan the exact same dvd in my liteon 165p6s on the same exact computer it comes up as 95%

so how do we tell if a disc is any good then ?

so these are either really crap … or really good ?

here is my first scan on my laptop - cant remember if before or after firmware update:

… not as smooth as my Ritek G05’s … or even RiDiscs … :confused:

and it wont let me do a disc quality check for some reason.

Such small dips in the transfer rate test are negligible glitches.
Could you make a Disc Quality test with your NEC? :slight_smile:
(Preferably you should switch from 8ECC to 1ECC in the Advanced settings of the Disc Quality test…)

What I would really like to see is a 16X TRT :wink:

I ended up stopping the quality test at 50%, because i have had better results with Tesco DVDs … the images wouldnt save either for some reason …

Half-way Through:

Max PI Errors - 470
Max PI Failures - 9

Quality - 95

who said TY were good ? :sad:

just done a burn on some Ridisc 8x (they cost me a quarter of the price):

… results:


QS 95 is usually ok for 8ECC scanning.
Please switch to 1ECC display for easier interpretation of the PI Failure values.

PIE scanning is inaccurate with the NEC. :slight_smile:
The NECs have peculiar scanning behavior anyway.

i am not scanning with my NEC, it doesnt support Nero Quality scan … the only thing that does is my old Pioneer 106RD …

it seems all my discs have a poor quality on the Quality Scan, within about 10 seconds they all suddenly drop,… even my Ritek G05 drop straight down to 95% … with hundreds of PI Errors in seconds … the first time i did this scan it took until 40% for the Quality Score to start dropping on the Ritek G05 … this thing seems very inconsistant …

i am doing a scan on the settings you said - it still dropped to 95% after about 10 seconds like all the discs do :confused:

maybe the discs are good quality … maybe just the scans are faulty …

i am going to try a Liggy and Dee firmware for my drive, on their latest firmware notes it says:

[i]Change log
Fixed MBIPG101R04

Improved the write quality for the following media.


will let you know how it goes tomorrow :bow:

ok i updated to Liggy and Dees latest WB, and got these results,

(see this thread)