Nec 3540a installation questions



First my setup:

Dell 4700
3 ghz 800 fsb
1 gig memory ddr2-sdram
2 Sata Maxtor H Drives - 1 160 and 1 200 gig
External Nec 3500a ran through USB2 from external box
NEc 3540 a ran as master on primary
HL-DT-ST DVD-ROM gdr8163b slave

Well before I bought the internal 3540a, I had fast ripping with the HL and the 3500a.

Now that I installed the 3540a inside the puter, changed the 3540 to master to fix the moving buffer issues, set the HL to slave I have very slow dvd ripping on all drives when I am ripping from the HL.

If I rip a dvd from the 2 burners at the same time, it rips fast.

Is there a way to run both the internal rom and 3540 as masters?

Perhaps I can hook the dvdrom HL up as a secondary drive, but I think my h drives could use this, even if they are on SATA?

Thanks for any help, and let me know if you need any more information.

Also, looking at the device manager I see 2 Primary IDE Channels listed, both named Primary IDE channel; there is no Secondary listed?



if you have a primary and secondary ide channel then each can be a master on their own channel



Did you remember to uninstall the driver for the Primary channel and reboot with a fresh driver install? If not - you should IMO-



Thanks for the info… I did uninstall the primary and let windows install a fresh set of drivers.

I believe my hard drives are on my secondary controller, although they are SATA, and I still have 2 primary controllers listed?

I have solved my buffer problems with having the burner on master, but it seems that whatever drive is set to be slave, that drive experiences the slow ripping performance.

I am not sure what to do.




I don’t think you can burn two DVDs at the same time on the same channel. I think you exceed the capacity of the channel. I tried it and could never get it to work. After doing some experimenting I can copy two dvds at the same time as long as one of the targets is my raid controller card.


Some Intel MOBOs made for Dell have different specs for the primary and master. Two drives? Do you mean ripping from one drive to another? You should never run two drives at the same time.


i do it all the time… up to 8x burns direct copies without caching are flawless. the readers aren’t fast enough to do 12 x :a

main burning rig: workstation

nec 3500x2
liteon1633s (scanning ripping only)

secondary burning: entertainment system

liteon 48161h
nec 3540