NEC 3540A in BYTECC ME-320U2B enclosure

I purchased a NEC 3540A to install in a BYTECC ME-320U2B enclosure. So far I can only get this combo to appear as a generic “USB 2.0 Storage Device” in Windows XP Pro, which means I never get a working drive letter device.

I was able to get the drive to ID itself when plugged into my Powerbook (10.3), but wasn’t able to burn a DVD.

I’ve installed the BYTECC USB driver software, but I still can’t use the DVD burner. I’d really like to not have to use this burner mounted internal; my goal was to have a USB dvd burner that I could move from machine to machine.

I have the same burner, and the same external enclosure, and so far, never had any problem, both in USB 2.0 and Firewire.

Maybe you should update the firmware of your chipset (yours is prolific too right?).

Hi :slight_smile:
As you probably know it should look like this. Try uninstalling, leave connected & reboot to allow Windows to find it.

You’re not supposed to install the software that came with the enclosure, as Windows XP has those drivers built in.

You only have the USB version of the enclosure, which means it will most likely not use a Prolific or Oxford chipset. I’m betting on either a Cypress or ALi chipset.

On your PowerBook, can you see if you can get the drive to read a CD or DVD? In 10.3, you can’t burn onto a 3rd party drive unless you use Toast or Patchburn to generate a profile for the drive.

I forgot to mention that detail. DOH! YES, I can READ both CD and DVD’s with the drive on my Powerbook. Just can’t use it in Windows XP.

I didn’t see a firmware upgrade available for the enclosure on the OEM website, but I could try updating the drive itself.

I’m not sure. I’ve heard the BYTECC enclosures use Prolific and Myson chipsets, but I don’t know which I have.