NEC 3540A ---- Help

Hi, I know this is my 1st post but if you could help me I would be really grateful.

I’m having a problem when trying to set up my NEC 3540A.
To start with , not sure if this is relevant , but I had a problem where it said ATAPI incompatible device but fixed that by swapping the IDE cable from my CD-RW with that of the NEC.

So after doing this started up computer again, then for some reason it tried to start up via the network?? So I changed some of the setting in the BIOS so it would just start up normally.

Now this is my problem. Windows XP (with SP1) found the drive but for some reason it is only detecting it as a CD Drive and when I insert a blank DVD it says “Incorrect Function”, Nero ( doesn’t detect the drive at all.

From what I can tell (with my limited knowledge on DVD Drives) ---- Page 7 where it says "If the reading function is available the next is to achieve writing functions provided by writing software — Does that mean Nero 6 or the software that would be provided with the retail version of the drive.

for starters I would update to Nero latest.

I heard of some problems when you changed a CD-writer for a DVD-writer, Nero didn’t recognize the new writer as a DVD one.

I’m not sure if it was version 5 or 6, though.

That is normal.

That version does not support the 3540A.
Update to the latest at