Nec 3540A Flash Question



I have bought a NEC 3540A with the firmware reported by Media Code Speed edit to be NEC K035 27/04/05.However on the drive it is written May 2005.
Is it recommended or not to flash the drive to the newest firmware named
NEC 1.01 12/05/05.If yes,with what program is it best recommended to flash my drive?


If there is a newer firmware on NEC’s website, then I would recommend flashing it. Instructions on the flashing procedure can also be found there.


it is not on the website,it is on the newer 3540 drives.
it is also on the scorpiosoft website.
i need some advices!!


Welcome CoolZone :wink:

I have bought a NEC 3540A with the firmware reported by Media Code Speed edit to be NEC K035 27/04/05. However on the drive it is written May 2005.
The drives DOM (date of Manufacture) doesn’t need to be the same as the date of firmware.
What you see reported by MCSE (“K035”) is not a firmware revision. More likely the bootcode for your drive as seen by MCSE.

It’s a general saying; “if ain’t broken, don’t fix it”. Out of this my suggestion to you is to learn more about your drive and burn some discs before even begin to think about “upgrading” firmware.

We have a good FAQ with a firmware section. Make a good read in there and all your questions will be answered. :slight_smile:


then why on scorpiosoft website the k035 firmware is marked as beta and has the same release date like the firmware i dumped from my drive and the latest from the site(8/06/2005) is marked final?


I have to correct myself.
Apparently there exist a 3540 firmware with this naming… :o

Confusing because the capital K is normally used in NEC bootcode like; K3100, K350, K352, K3540…


Normally NEC firmware beginning with K0… are internal test-firmwares. Drives with such firmwares are only sold to people close to NEC. But this is what I heard…so don’t blaim me if this is not correct.

Where did you buy this (OEM) drive?


i bought this drive from a local store.i like how it burns…that is not the problem but i want to know if a newer firmware is available and if it is recommended to flash it.


If you don’t mind RPC1 and Riplock removed and bitesetting for DVD+R/+RW than you can use the current K035 firmware.


I just resently purchased Nec 3540 1.01 firmware. I dumped the firmware to a .bin file on my computer and I flashed the new firmware 1W4. Now I would like to use Bin Flash to reload my origional firmware to compare, Could somebody walk me through this. I download Binflash.exe? How do I get the file from my documents to Binflash and then what is the next step? Please help me.