NEC 3540A Firmware Update

Hi, im abit new at this so plz dont flame me, i bought a NEC 3540A a while ago when they first came out and wondered if there was any decent firmware around for it. The burner is a 16x and I recently bought some Ridisc 16x dvds which only burn at 8x, I wondered if updating the firmware would fix this. Also I read about removing riplock, does this damage the drive?. Is there anyway to dump the current firmware so I can go back to it if needed.
Any help greatly appreciated
thank you
mike :confused:

2 sites with everything for your needs:

Choose the firmware you want and use Binflash to flash it on your drive.
You can easily make a dump of the current firmware before flashing.
Removing the riplock will not damage your drive, of course.

Thank You
But what does RPC1 mean and I dont understand what all the revisions are. Also whats W8 bitsetting.
Is Liggy’s And Dee’s NEC 1. including Bitsetting, Riplock removed and RPC1 (NEW 04-12-2005) a good firmware.
As i said I dont know much about this, sorry :frowning:
Also how would I go about dumping my current firmware.

All info here:
Use Binflash to dump the current firmware.

RPC1 means regioncode FREE.

* Liggy’s And Dee’s NEC 1.W8 including Bitsetting, Riplock removed and RPC1 (NEW 04-12-2005)" is the one you want, I think.