Nec 3540a firmware issues

A couple of weeks ago I installed some software to edit MP3s. It totally hosed my XP system. It would boot then stay on for a sec then turn itself off. I went to safe mode and uninstalled it.

Later I realized that uninstalling this software also uninstalled both of my CD/DVD drive drivers. One is a NEC 3540A, the other is a Lite-on 16P9S.

I’ve been to the Gateway site and used the detect drives and even put in the serial for my particular unit. While trying to run the firmware I get the message "target NEC 3540a is not found correctly.

I’ve verified the the drive types in the hardware set up. So at this point I don’t know what to do.

Any ideas?

Use Binflash, see the NEC section.

hi there!i am searching for an upgrade driver of ny nd3540a,is any available?

Drivers come with the OS.