NEC 3540A DMA Mode

Hi All,

Managed to get a NEC 3540a bought for me yesterday and have started making sure that its all configured to go properly. I was checking through Device manager and noticed the folowing (as shown by the attached screenshot). My hard disc on my primary channel is at DMA5 whilst the NEC is only at DMA2.

Now, I’m not really sure if that is what it should be. Can anyone tell me if this will impact the drive performance at all, maybe something to do with the rate of data transfer between the board and the DVD drive? Or is this fine???

Just wanted to ask



Hi :slight_smile:
All is fine your hard drive is UDMA 4 (Latest drives UDMA 6)
NEC 3540a is meant to be UDMA 2
As far as I know only the Plextor 716a & Pioneer 109 differ both being UDMA 4
I have all three drives & curently the 3540 is my favourite ( thanks to Liggy & Dee’s f/w ) :bow: :bow: :bow:

Ultra DMA 2 mode is normal, no need to worry. Enjoy your new drive.


Thanks guys - just in the process of flashing some new FW atm!!! Hope this is as decent as my 3500 (which i’ve just given away!!!)