NEC 3540A Disc Quality Scanning?



How can I scan burned dvdrs for errors
I go to Extras>Disc Quality Test
but the start option is grey out.

I can only use DQ Test to scan unburned media.

Using NEC 3540A
want to test some burned TY02s and some Sonys

I read in another thread that 3500 isnt supported but does it work with a 3540A?


Make sure that your CD/DVD speed is up to date --> :wink:


The last isn’t the 4.04?


I thought the last was the 4.01


Latest is 4.04 yes, but 4.04 is only included with latest Nero But 4.01 should be new enough for ND-3540 scanning.


Ok trying now. Thank. :slight_smile: