NEC 3540A burning problem



I got a new burner. When I burn dvd with Memorex DVD+R 8X in Windows XP, the CPU usage is 100%, so that I can not do anything else. Furthermore, the burning speed is slow. It takes nearly 40min to burn a 4.7G disk. What’s the problem? Thanks.



I have this problem too. I got it when it first came out and it didn’t come with drivers or filmware where do I get some drivers for this burner using a Win XP system?? (NEC 3540A)


I have the same problem also…when u find out where to get the driver…please share the info…thanks…


WIndows XP does not require special drivers for optical drives.

If you’re getting 100% CPU utilisation when burning & the burns are taking a long time then it’s a DMA issue in that the drive does not have Ultra DMA enabled but PIO.
Go here to see what to do.