NEC 3540A 1.W4 + CSS = Problem



The drive is NEC 3540A with Liggy & Dee Modified Firmware V 1.W4, i.e. RPC1 drive.
System is Windows XP Pro sp2.

Problem is that when I put Region 2, CSS/CPPM (and no RCE protection) disc in my NEC drive I can’t do anything with it.

No DVD application works.
For example DVD Decrypter popup errors because he can’t get CSS keys to decrypt DVD.
After that DVD Decrypter freeze up itself (close, end task, end process, restart or shut down doesn’t work) and just continue spinning the disc until Windows freeze up itself after about 5 min.
Almost same thing with Power DVD-no CSS error but freeze up, disc is spinning and finally Windows freeze up.

Other application just works fine until Windows stop responding.

Only way I can work around this problem is:

  1. Run AnyDVD (
  2. Put protected disc in my LiteOn combo to get CSS key
  3. Put disc in my NEC 3540 (with AnyDVD still running)

I must say that when I put factory firmware there is no need for AnyDVD and everything is working fine except that ripping is very slow because rip-lock protection.

Question is what is RPC1 for?
My drive is region free but I can’t play any CSS protected DVD and that’s a lot of DVD’s.
In fact RPC2 seems better because I can put a DVD directly in NEC drive (off course I’ll use AnyDVD if DVD isn’t Region 2).

Is there Liggy&Dee 1.W4 or other rip lock free firmware with RPC2?

Is there any better way to work around this than inserting the disc to other drive and then back to NEC?

PS When looked at NEC drive properties I found no “DVD Region” tab, but I can swear that is one when I first time flashed with 1.W4 firmware, saying that drive is Region 2 and 1 change left.


There’s definetely something wrong with the RPC1/CSS reading with the 1W4 Firmware. I have the excact same problem. When I play regionfree cssfree DVDs it plays perfectly. But the minute I put a R1 DVD into the NEC, PowerDVD freezes and it’s impossible to shut down the PowerDVD process(!), or soft restart. I have to do a hard reset or unplug the Power.
This will hopefully be resolved in the 1.W5 firmware.


Hmm… I haven’t had that problem… sounds really strange… but i’m using DVD43Free for unlocking the disc and DVD Decrypter for ripping…


Did you have same problem with older firmwares: 1.W3, 1.W2 or 1.W1 ?

After doing little research I founded that when registry key is removed, there’s no longer need to put disc in other drive first, but only start AnyDVD and put disc in NEC drive.

Purpose of this key is to store “region settings” for region free drive.
More info:

Anyway, problem solved by instaling “bitsetting 1.01 firmware” - riplock free version and no RPC1 patch. If I ever get DVD that’s not for my region I will use AnyDVD.


Removing RPC1 from the drive is only part of the solution.
You also need region removal software such as AnyDVD if you want to play back these movies on your PC.

For more details on this see the NEC FAQ


Why should somebody use RPC1 firmware then ?

I already use AnyDVD :wink:


So the drive does not reject playing it.


We all know that the region checking is done in three places, 1.) The Burner, 2.) The OS, and 3.) The DVD Playing software. That is not the problem here. I use DVD Genie and PowerDVD. (And DVD Decrypter, and SmartRipper as rippers)
The problem is that CSS encrypted region-protected discs can’t be read properly by ANY program when using firmware 1.W4. The program, for example PowerDVD or Media Player Classic just freezes, and the program/process CAN NOT be stopped at all. I have to shut down the computer.
All non-encrypted and burned discs play fine however.
It’s definetely an error in the 1.W4 fw. I flashed my Drive to Liggy’s 1.01d RPC1 fw, and all discs read perfectly, when I flash it back to 1.W4, the problems reappear.

I can’t believe that DarthZool and I are the only ones experiencing these problems.


I just found the bug in 1.W4 firmware. It originated in a bug that my first 1.01c bitsetting firmware had. It was fixed immediately after I found out about it. I guess Dee mistakenly used the old version that had this bug. It should be easy for her to fix this problem when she’s back at her PC.



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That’s great news Liggy :slight_smile:
I started to think that maybe it was my drive that had gone bad.

Btw, when (and if) your 1.01e(5th) RPC1/Bitsetting/Rem-Riplock firmware is approaching release, could you please add a “Quiet” version with no riplock? I would really appreciate it. :bigsmile:


Bug fixed and uploaded to the server.
You can download it here


Thanks Dee!