NEC 3540 Wont Read Audio CD's?

This is getting rather frustrating. I have never, ever, had a problem with an optical drive before. They are usually the one part in the PC I dont have to ever worry about when building my customers systems other than to plug them in.

Well I finally get around to building my own system, so I should have known mine would have problems…

Anyways, my 3540 wont read audio CDE’s, I’ve flashed to the offcial 1.03 firmware from NEC, no go, and also the newest firmware from liggy, and still no go. Now I am getting very frustrated! It worked fine to install windows, but past that I havnt really tried any normal CD’s because all my games are on DVD-ROM discs, of course my DVD’s are, well, DVD’s, but now that I go to play an audio CD it doesnt work. Can some1 help me? I have been at this for hours, GRR! And knowing me it will probably be something stupid I havnt checked

Other things I have tried are: Removed it from device manager completely, reboot, re-install, reboot again. No go.

I am having the same problem. I can’t even read cds that have photos on it that others have made for me. It plays and reads dvds just fine.

Well, I also have an NEC 3540A, but have never had a problem with audio CDs. I can read factory CDs, and burned picture, audio, and data CDs just fine. I had no problems with stock firmware 1.01, and have not had a problem since I flashed to Liggy and Dee’s 1.W5 firmware… So, it’s not all 3540A’s that have this problem. I know that some of them came from the factory defective, if they were made in a certain country, but I can’t remember which… :confused: