Nec 3540 to plextor 716a

I was able to backup any dvd movie using my 3540 drive with 321. Now I just picked up a 716a and gave the nec to my nephews. When I try to backup I get a css error on all movies.

Is this the drive or a setting. Should I go back to the 3540?

Hm, CSS en/decoding isn’t a task of the drive afaik. I think your settings in 321 have changed. Did you try to reinstall 321? And always use the latest firmware on the plextor.


Wow thanx a million!

A fresh install of 321 did the job!

Nice call weaker.:slight_smile:

Glad to hear that. Happy backupping!

@crossg: I’m no native speaker. Does that mean “direct hit” or something like that?

I meant good Job on fixing the problem.:iagree: