NEC 3540 & RitekD01

Once again, my NEC 3440 failed to write after hitting the dual layer boundary using Ritekd01 media. The 3440 does quite well with the more expensive Verbatim media. Is there any firmware which can help this burner to be more tolerant of dual layer media?

If not, can anyone recommend a suitable burner?



Skip theis crap DL.

Plus there is no 3440 drive as far as I know. There are however 3450, 3540 and 3550 drives available.

Oops! Thanks for the correction. The drive is an NEC-3540. I’m using the stock NEC firmware.

Liggy, what does “PM” in your post mean?



I think I already burned a Ritek D01 on my 3540 (not sure which firmware). It was readable, but I cannot recommend these discs if you need a safe place for your data.

The PM is in my signature and means “private message”. When I started patching firmwares, many people started asking me about their drive problems in a private message instead of posting in the NEC forum.

Check the review:

Says anything…