Nec 3540 overburn

Hello! I’m trying to burn a Philips cd-r90 (800Mb) with Nero. I enable disc-at-once cd overburning in preferences (expert features) but nero keeps telling me that the cd is a 700Mb cd and doesn’t have enough space.
Thanks for any help,

You have to set the time also to 90min then, in the expert prefs.

Use Nero CD DVD Speed and perform an overburning CD test.

The time was already set to 90min. I did the overburn test and confirm that the disc is a 90min/800Mb disc but Nero still says that this is a 80min/700Mb disc and refuses to burn the disc with more than 700Mb.

Well I find what was wrong. The disc must be recorded in disc-at-once mode.
Sorry, and thanks for your help

apparently it can overburn to 92 minutes

i would bet that a dvd would be cheaper than a 90 min cd tho