NEC 3540 or BenQ 1640

I’m torn between these 2, I’d buy both but my wife would scream and go on a shopping rampage or possibly a dog house situation for me. I’d like to keep the peace and enjoy life as it is.

i’ve read many a topics on the Benq and NEC forum here, but am still torn between the 2. both are priced approx. the same after shipping charges.

any input welcomed

Just ordered the 1640. I also have the NEC 3540 though and a Lite-on 1673S. I can’t help looking for the perfect burner. LG next? :wink:

deleted… sorry didn’t see the 1640 side

Hi :slight_smile:
I have a 3540 which is very good ( made better by Liggy & Dee’s f/w :bow: )
I also have a 1640 & despite having had problems with the first three ( all returned to BenQ ) [ problems most likely caused by transit damage ] would rate this an excellent drive
To help you decide which one is for you
Firstly the 1640 is quicker at ripping, less fussy about media, has it’s own s/w enabling bitsetting “+ more” ( can stick with makers f/w / keeping warranty )
Secondly 3540 is a very good writer but tends to restrict speed all to often this applies to ripping as well However excellent third party support makes this almost meaningless ( but does affect warranty )
3540 does seem to have problems doing accurate scans for quality implying poor when it’s really good ( this should be cured with future f/w )
So on a tight budget the 1640
If money is no object then buy both
“see Q Suite on BenQ website”

thanx for the feedback, I just placed my order for the BenQ DW-1640. I’m crossing my fingers that I don’t get a “out of box” failure, I don’t want to go thru what you went thru.

Wish me luck

I’m facing the same question myself for my 2nd PC.

I have the BenQ 1620 already, so I am leaning towards the NEC 3540 so that I have the best of both worlds.

However, the 3540 costs 25% more, so I’m still considering the 1640 because it’s well received and my 1620 has been flawless.

I’m up aginst the same problem

( NEC 3540 or BenQ 1640) but I think I got it figured out (the Benq 1640). I took a look at this site and it comparse 7 DVD burners including the Benq and the NEC. I’ve compared the two in the review but I still have a lot of questions about that. (NEC)

I personally like my 1640. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: no failures yet.

1640 it has better quality

For me the decision was easy. I have an Aluminum case, and I wanted something that matched. Previously I had a Sony DRU510A with the Silver-on-white face plate that looked pretty nice. NEC has a silver 3540A which currently sells for $43.99 on That and the fact that Newegg doesn’t carry the Benq 1640 yet. After over 8 years of Internet purchasing experience, I’ve learned that if it is computer related, and it isn’t on Newegg, I won’t buy it online :disagree:

Where did you get yours

Hi :slight_smile:
pochoboy 1640 still working better than ever with latest f/w BSJB +MCSE simply fastest DVDRW I’ve had
El_Mariachi_X in my experience the NEC has the edge marginally inthe quality stakes if left in maker f/w however this means playing safe slow ripping & writing when compared to the 1640 on top of this the 3540 is far more picky with media
So 1640 :iagree:

Plextor 708 -716x2
NEC 3520 -3540x2
Pioneer 109XL
LG 1643
BenQ 1640

I bought the 3540 to compliment my 3500. I like NEC quality although they are slow on the firmware updates. However, there is a plethora of after-market firmwares.

All in all I’ve only burnt a couple of coasters, but they all have been my error.