NEC 3540 only burns DVD-R at 6x?

Hi all, just got my new NEC 3540 which I installed in an external USB 2.0 enclosure. It came with 1.01 FW and the first DVD-R burn only went at 6x. I upgraded to 1.03 and no change.

Media is Memorex 16x DVD-R, software is DeepBurner (freeware).

I was under the impression that USB 2.0 would be able to handle higher speeds than 6x. If that isn’t the problem, is there something else I should check or change to get it to burn faster?

Thanks in advance. Looks like I stumbled across a great community for this type of question!

to check the capabilities you need nero cd/dvd speed. run a tranfer rate test from a burned dvd
run a burst rate test
do a create disc

post the results

the best i got on my 3500 external was 13-14x and that was with no other usb deviceswith 2 items plugged in (laser printer, UPS) and not even being accessed it was down to 10.5x

usb is shared bandwidth

there’s nothing wrong with the drive, the simple answer is you need to change to a better USB enclosure with a known good chipset, a lot of them are really not very fast with writer drives.

see here: