Nec 3540 on windows



I don’t mean to sound naive, but I was wondering if the NEC 3540 will work on Win98. All the information on the drive and vendor websites say it requires XP. And for that matter would it work with Linux? My only justification for asking such a simple question is that the answer will take even less time than the question. Thank you :bow:


I’m not sure, but I think only Win98 SE supports DVD?


I don’t see why 98SE wouldn’t allow to use a 3540A. The Pioneer 109 is more picky (it needs a 80-conductor cable) and it works fine here with a 98SE partition.

EDIT - actually I remember having first tried my 3540A on a PC with 98SE and everything seemed fine. :slight_smile:

Just make sure, if you don’t use NERO, to install and ASPI layer (4.60 or 4.71), I think it’s needed in 98 (don’t take this for granted though :confused: ) unless you have Nero which installs its own ASPI layer.


i have a new ASPI. thanks for the reply. any ideas of the drive on linux? and what about a SATA>IDE converter cable?


disregard my earlier question about a converter cable, as i was out of my mind