NEC 3540 Official U.S.A. Release Date

The following is excerpted from “This NEC 3540 is scheduled to be released on first week of July.” :bigsmile:

Wow! That’s almost 2 months after the european release!

Strange…I have this drive in my PC about 3 weeks…

Best regards from Poland

Poland belongs to Europe! And overhere in Europe this drive is out for some time now. See the post before yours…

thats too long, I was hoping to see it this month. Dell OEM is the 3530, should I get that instead or wait? How promising is the 3540? Please comment on this
thank you

3530 was a fine unit! But if I was buying one I would consider the 109! My 3530 was free with my new Dell.

My NEC ND-3540A arrived last Wednesday! I have already burned some discs with it and posted the quality results on the Media section!


Yep. NEC likes to make us wait a bit. Frankly, it seems like an odd policy given the shrinking burner margins (Newegg sells the 3520 for about $45). You’d think NEC’d want to offer their latest/greatest model ASAP to get back into the $80 range. :confused:

Theory 1: Production-related delays / insufficient # of 3540’s rolling off the lines?
Theory 2: They wanted to, ah, “clear out” their 3520s first. :stuck_out_tongue:

In any case, i’ll be happy when they arrive - i’ve got some CMC MAG AE1’s that should burn quite nicely at 12x on a 3540. :bigsmile:

06-10-05, already ordered one:

I don’t understand why it said OEM at newegg. Did NEC not the original manufature?

“NEC Black IDE DVD Burner Model ND-3540A - OEM”

NEC makes the drives and sells to OEM buyers and they sold to So that’s why they are OEM units. Because NEC didn’t sell to official NEC distributors for retail sales, NEC isn’t responsible. To avoid that, get retail NEC USA or NEC UK drives, but sometimes OEM just means bulk packaged on reseller’s sites.