NEC 3540 here in the US!




just ordered it


Thanks for posting - I just ordered mine as well! (This sure beats the you-know-what out having to wait until July, as Shop4Tech claimed. :bow:


Heh you “freak”, I just checked 2 hours ago and it wasn’t even in yet. Funny thing is newegg listed the date of arrival as 6-13-05. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining at all.

Oh yeah, I ordered one too. Thanks for the heads up.


what about the software and the cables and screws that we need to install it on the computer?
do i need a 80 wire(pin) cable? and the audio cable also?
From where do I get that? anyone knows?


thats fast, thanks for the info, just ordered one


Use the ones installed in your pc (dell?). What software do you want? No software needed, windows xp will recognize the drive.


Thats a 40 pin cable, not 80 pin.
But is this nec 3540 any good? why are you guys jumping to buy it so soon?


whoopy poo poo i still havent seen a DL disc for my 3500…whats the big deal?, 8x DL burning…for what?


Check here for your DL media…


Well, for me its that this drive should burn my bargain media quite well at fairly high speed. Understand, i’m presently using 2510A’s @ 8x ZCLV = 4x-6x-8x. :Z

So…for me this upgrade is more than justified. :bigsmile:


3500 VS 3540, which do you take, assuming the FW 3540 will improve and will mature like the FW for 3500? Basing on the RAW potential of the drive alone, which is better because I can get the 3500 for $51 shipped, all I care for is Quality burn, not speed. Anyway, I already ordered a 3540, but I can still cancel it


I cant give you an in depth review but, I have been trying out the 3540 for a few days now and I have had no coasters. Ive burned maybe 20-30 discs so far. I have even burned a few DVD’s at the max speed. I have been using JVC media. I dont know if JVC media is that great. But its what I had left so im going to use it for now…


how are your scans?


Do you have any other media? if you do burn a few and post the scans, JVC media might not do the drive the justice


What about Canada? Damn it. WHEN?! My LiteOn 832S is dying.


I’m soo tempted to order this, but I really can’t fathom any way for me to be able to install it in my pc. Hmmm, off to my thinking lab.


Just let me know how all those drives are installed in one P.C. and I’ll let you know how to hook up another. ( no firewire or USB ) thats cheating.


My benq, lg, and 2 nec’s on the motherboard ide connector. My three liteons and my boot drive are on an sil 680 card. My yamaha is on a promise ide controller (doesn’t like dvd burners). Another hdd on motherboards sata controller and my last hdd on motherboard terciary controller (also doesn’t like opticals).

Also, I have absolutly no room in my case (Coolermaster CM-Stacker) for any other opticals, only a hdd. SO I wa thinking of going the usb route (I know, I wish I could have it internal) because then I can add 6 more drives easily.



Can you share with the rest of us where you can get a 3500 for $51 shipped-