NEC 3540 having problems burning verbatim



Hey guys,

Strange thing happend to me today.

I bought the new NEC 3540 a week ago with 25 Silverline media’s,
the results where ok for an unknown media but I waited for the verbatim.

Today I bought the verbatim and was amazed to get terrible results!!

according to the NEC media list for the 3540 the verbatim comes highly

Here are the results for the verbatim (MCC 02RG20) vs Silverline.


It’s difficult to say something useful about statistics. Could you post the whole graph of that MCC02RG20?


That was a mistake, Its there now.


What speed did you use? Have you tried any other verbatim?


They say that the Verbatim MCC004 is highly recommended…

(DVD+R) I’m looking after that type in Belgium now!
It looks like that popular trademarks at wholesalers being stagnant.

Its Nautilus who is lucky again. :stuck_out_tongue: :wink: and I wish you the joy of it, seriously!


I too have bad results with MCC02 RG20 (In this case Ridata). Very poor burn results on the 3540. Waiting to see if anyone has a good write strat swap that might work on them.


how are you getting 95 with spikes of 6 while i’m getting 38 with spikes of 6?


check to see that you have latest version of CDSPEED, the score is calculated differently. I’m stuck using version 3.50, since none of the newer versions support my combo drive anymore.


i got 3.80

also i use both liteon 411s and nu ddw82 to scan what speeds should i use for scanning?