NEC 3540 firmware with full bitsetting support *Update 2005/06/08*

Since I always like to have NEC firmwares with full bitsetting support, I decided to modify the NEC 3540 firmware version 1.01 and add the bitsetting code from a MadDog 3520 firmware.

Please consider that this is a highly experimental firmware that may still have some bugs. If you damage your drive by flashing this firmware, neither me nor CD Freaks can be held responsible for this damage. Don’t RMA your drive in this case, but buy a new one.

Download NEC ND3540 1.01 Bitsetting firmware here. Three files are included in the archive, containing a version only with added support for bitsetting, a fast version removing riplock and a version with RPC1. None of the firmwares contains write strategy changes.

In order to flash these firmwares you need to use a firmware flasher that is compatible with NEC ND3540A drives. Binflash supports these drives since version 1.16.

Please remember that the booktype for your drive can only be changed when no disc is inserted!


Download disabled. Had some issues with flashing

[EDIT2]Uploaded a new version based on a different 1.01 firmware. Thx@Dee-27 for the base firmware[/EDIT2]

[EDIT3]Another new 1.01 firmware. The previous one can still be found here.[/EDIT3]

[EDIT4]Yet another 1.01 firmware. Old NEC 3540 bitsetting firmware here[/EDIT4]

Liggy, thanks for the firmware. I will test it when I receive the 3540 within two days.

Good luck :wink:

Awesome Liggy
I’ve just ordered a 3540 on the strength that you made this firmware with Bitsetting support :slight_smile:
I wasn’t going to order one, but i will now :slight_smile:

Hi :cool:
Just thought I’d let you know that I’ve got a 3540a & using binfash have now got 101 f/w with riplock + Rpc1 (from tdb. :bow: {many thanks}).
On top of which I seem to have bitsetting support for +, d/l, +r/w.
It’s early day’s yet, but it looks like Nec have a winner here.

Hi :cool:
Got carried away bitsetting only on d/l.
Sorry about that.

liggy , the burns of the nec nd-3540 with fw 1.01 are better than nec nd-3520 with fw 3.04 ?


I flashed my new 3540 drive with the NECWinFlash 1.16 tool to the 1.01bt firmware. Everything worked great and after restart DVDInfo pro 3.55 reports Region Control ‘RPC-1’ and Region Code ‘All’. So far so good.

But when using NECWinFlash 1.16 again in doesn’t see the 3540 drive anymore. So I’m not able to flash back again. So I hope you have a 1.01 .bin file for me so I can flash in DOS again… VSO Inspector sees the 3540 drive good.

When trying to see the booktype in DVDInfo Pro 3.55 the program crashes and I even had to reset my PC. So strange things are happening and I hope you can help me ouy here, please.


Update: I burned a DVD+R with your 1.01bt firmware on the 3540 drive and it stays DVD+R so the booktypesetting is not working :sad:

Just sent you a PM. Everyone else please do NOT use this firmware.

Here are some results that Dee-27 had with her new 3540 drive and the 2nd revision 1.01 Bitsetting firmware. Since she wanted to have some drinks (of course without alcohol cough) I have to upload the pictures for her. Nice graphs I think.

Please do not use the version that was available since yesterday, but only use the new firmware that you can download here

Burned a ‘No Label’ CMC MAG E01 on the 3540 with the 1.01bt Liggy firmware.
Normally this media gives not good results but I used it for testing this new firmware.

Dee, is it possible to modify the Ritek D01 DVD+R9 strat to 2.4x,4x,6x for the 3540 drive?

Yes that should be possible, but Liggy would need to create some space in the firmware to do this. I’m working on a modified firmware for the 3540 drive, but it will take some time yet.

hehe, I didn’t get drunk :stuck_out_tongue: :bigsmile:

Shouldn’t be a problem to move MIDs and/or strategies. But I highly doubt that the discs can be read back if written at higher speeds. Many of them are giving bad results even at 2.4x :Z

hehe, I didn’t get drunk :stuck_out_tongue: :bigsmile:

Of course you didn’t. LOOOOOOOOOOOOL

Damn, this drive/firmware can burn good media well.
So far i’m quite impressed with this drive.

MCC004 (verbatim) burned at 16X

That scan looks sexy :nod:

A really nice burn Dee. :smiley: ND-3540 looks promissing…

Sorry for going off topic. Here is a burn on my old trusty 3500 for comparison. :wink:

Brand: Verbatim AZO+ (Made in Taiwan)
Type: DVD+R 16x rated
Burned with: Nero CD/DVD Speed
Burned at: 16x
Burntime: 6:00
Booktype: DVD-ROM
Firmware: LD_2TA_Quiet
Note. Can’t scan with my BenQ 1620, because that drive is “dismantled” right now.

Can’t wait for some tweaked write strats for the 3540. At present my CMC MAG AE1’s are dubious. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yep, the 3500 is still the mother of all burners as far as i’m concerned :slight_smile:
I still think it burns the widest range of media the best :slight_smile:

@DeadMan, i have some CMC MAG AE1. I’ll burn one soon.
BTW i haven’t tweaked and strats on this firmware yet, i’m just seeing how the stock strats burn.