NEC 3540 DVD's work but not CD's

For the last 6 months, my NEC 3540 worked fine in all respects. Now, I can not access CD’s at all. Even CD’s that this device has burned are not accessable.

When I insert any CD (audio, commercial, or personal), the drive just kind of quietly clicks and XP asks me to insert a CD. This includes CD’s that the drive has previously been able to read.

The really strange thing is that all DVD’s work fine. I can burn DVD’s, and read any DVD.

Any ideas why the drive would have trouble with CD’s but not DVD’s?

Thanks in advance.

If you have installed or changed any software, that would be the first suspect. If not, then your laser for the CD could be dead.

Just today they replace my old 3540 with 3550 because of this problem. Propably this is the cause to replace 3540 with 3550

Thanks for the replies. I contacted NEC, and they told me to return for replacement. I don’t know which model they will replace the 3540 with, but we will see as soon as I can afford to UPS the defective one back to them. In the meantime, I’ve been messing around with all kinds of drivers etc which have done no good and probably caused more trouble in the long run. Oh well, such is life in the computer jungle. :wink:

I’ve got the same troubles with that model too.

You can’t read or burn CDs?

Try booting with your OS CD in the NEC, that will eliminate a possible software problem. :slight_smile: