NEC 3540 Driver problem

I’ve got an NEC ND 3540 A

Recently (I think it was after the newest windows update) it stopped showing up as a drive in windows. BIOS sees it just fine still.

If you go to the properties it has a code 39 error (corrupted or missing driver.)

The thing just uses the generic Windows driver and I can’t seem to find any others to use.

It’s driver version 5.1.2535.0 published on 7/1/2001

Files it uses :

Any thoughts on getting this working again?

Try to uninstall drivers for IDE chanells. After you restart pc, Windows will install them again.

Tried that with no luck. I ended up doing a system restore to before the problem and everything is working fine. Now I’m just curious as to what was isntalled since then that did this.

Thanks though.