NEC 3540 Black, $43 delivered. Newegg

I paid $47 for mine includding shipping and taxes.

I bought my 3540 Black for $42 two weeks ago, very fast shipping they process orders on holidays and weekends.

Yo chas0039-

Got mine today-

Now I have two brand new spare NEC 3500’s that I need sell-

Know anyone that might want one (or two)?



too many drives, eh?

Yo Izzie-

Way too many-eh?

Gettin’ hard to hide from the better half-eh?

Maybe I’ll sell 'em on eBay-eh?

Got three - brand new in the box - NEC 3500AG’s-eh?



If you want I can get you the specs and sources for building a 5 drive tower with firewire. It was the only way I could work with my drives. A bit more costly than the external enclosures, but a lot cleaner.

Yo chas0039-

Thanks for the thoughts Bra-

But I think that I’ll just try and sell 'em for what I paid - or not - we’ll see-


When you list them let me know. Are they still in the box (retail) or did buy them oem (newegg) I think the 3500 is still the best drive Nec has ever made.

Yo alan1476-

They are all OEM 3500’s and in original shipping boxes-


You can send Mike a PM and believe he will take care the rest. :wink:

@bigmike: Please let me know what you are going to list them for on Ebay, I will bid as soon as you list them. I think the 3500 is a better drive than the 3520 or the 3540 and they just came out with new firmware for it.

how much?