Nec 3540 and CD-DVD Speed 4.01

When i try to do disk quality scans on a FULL dvd, i cannot get the 5x speed in the settings. I only get the 1, 4, 7, 11, and 15x.

if i use a previous version of CD-DVD Speed, i get the 5x option…

what is the issue here…i only swapped the drive from a nec 3520 to a nec 3540. i can’t seem to fix it… please help.

I have basically the same issue with CD/DVDspeed 4.01. However, my 3520 will only scan at 1x, 3x, 6x, etc. My 5x is also lost. Not sure if this is because of the firmware (1ug) or the new software (4.01). Anyone have suggestions?

You can try this. There is probably an easier way but I haven’t stumbled across it yet.:slight_smile:

The selectable scan speeds are dependent on the amount of data on the disc.

Because the NEC drives use CAV for scanning anything under 4gig will not allow 5x 8x for example. Most likely 4x 7x will be used for discs under 4 gig

Not meaning to disagree but if you notice the disc that I posted here has only 1.7 gb of data. So maybe my burner is not right. bbasra indicated in his post that it was a full DVD disc. Maybe the 3540 is different than the 3520 when it comes to scanning speeds.:slight_smile:
Dee don’t get mad at me just trying to clarify.:confused:


All of my scans have also been on full DVDs (movies). Once the new cd/dvd speed 4.01 was released, the 5x option no longer shows up for me.

Here was a copy of one of my scans showing 6x:

Thanks for the suggestion. Haven’t tried it yet because I am hoping someone has an easier fix. :wink:

@dss311. No problem.:slight_smile: I could only find a couple of treads that pertain to this, it did seem to fix the issue for them.:wink:

I will give these a try and see what happens.

Its not a big issue, as i can use an ealier version such as v3.80 and i get the 5x scanning speed option.

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Thanks for the info. Although what i said stands regarding the amount of data on a disc. There is always other things that can cause the same problem. So never be affraid to post info that can help other members out :wink: :iagree: