NEC 3540 1.W5 Firmware bitsetting problem

I just got the drive based upon the reviews here.
First thing I did was to use BinFlash and backed up the original NEC firmware.
I followed all the directions on how to flash with the 1.W5 firmware (not 1W.5 quiet firmware) as well as the bitsetting procedure.
I burned a Maxell 02 DVD+ with no problems, it displayed burned as DVD-Rom as expected, played fine in the stand alone.

Now the problem, it will not burn a DVD+ R\W (SL) to DVD-Rom.
I’ve checked everything and all seems in order but it refuses to do so and only will burn DVD+R\W. And when it did burn it to the DVD+ R\W the disk was not recognized in either of my two stand alone players that are both DVD+ and - R\W compatible. The media is Sony DVD+ R\W RicohJPN w11 (001).
I’ve tried several of them with the same failed results.

With this Sony media I never had this issue with my old LiteOn 812S, it always burned them to DVD-Rom. I use the R\W’s often for testing as well as lending to other people.
Some friends can only view it at DVD-Rom, that is why I want that feature.

I did not try the DVD + R\W DL (too expensive) yet for successful bitsetting, but I imagine there would be no problem there since it is supported with the stock firmware.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

See the attachments below to confirm my I have done everything correctly.
Screen 1 shows all the DVD+ disks are set for DVD-Rom.
Screen 2 shows the booktype as DVD-Rom before the burn
Screen 3 shows it has burned to DVD +R\W

Try a scond flash and make sure you do not have a disc in the drive.

Do a full erase instead of a quick erase or use an unused +RW media.

I tried a second flash with no disk in it, same results.

I tried a full format also but didn’t cure it. I don’t have any new DVD+ R\W at the moment, may need to get some if I can’t solve this.
Oddly enough I have the movies files still on the hard drive, I burn it to the same Sony Media and it plays fine and displays the DVD-Rom format.

So the problem you described does not exist anymore ?

Sorry, stupid me, yes the problem still exists,
I should have said “I burn it to the same Sony Media and it plays fine and displays the DVD-Rom format wiith my Liteon 812s that is still on the same machine along with the new NEC 3540.”

Follow up
One more thing I should have mentioned, the RicohJPNW11 is included on the supported media with the 1.W5 firmware, so it appears it’s not the media.

Well I do believe there may a glitch in the firmware and I will PM Dee 27 and see what she says.

I did discover that for the DVD+ R\W bitsetting to work a new disk must be used, an old one won’t work, this was in the FAQ’s that came in the formware download.
Note you can only change booktype on a new unused +RW media. Changing booktype can not be performed on a used +RW disc.

I went out and bougt some new DVD+ R\W. Figuring perhaps it was maybe a glitch with the Sony media in the firmware, the RichohJPNW11, so I bought FujiFilm Media.
To my disappointment it was also the RichohJPNW11.
I reflashed the drive again, rebooted, then checked all the bitset setiings in CD speed and they all displayed DVD-Rom for all + media.
I burn a movie and it’s perfect, booktype displays it burned in DVD-Rom.

I then erase the disk in the NEC 3540 and now the booktype shows DVD+ again.
Figuring it needs to be burned to get back the DVD-Rom format I do another burn and it failed to burn at Rom, once again the disk only displays DVD+.

I am at my wits end with this. I took that same disk put it in CD speed and did a quick format using my Liteon burner, final result was the disk was once again DVD-Rom.
It appears the firmware is not holding the bitsetting for DVD+ R\W, it does work for the DVD+ SL media. It seems it will only work once on a brand new disk, erase it and the disk will never burn -Rom again.

Received your PM itzbinnice i will try and run some tests on this tonight and see what happens.


Many thanks for taking the time to test, I’ll wait for your findings.

Just burned 4 more regular DVD+R for testing, they all burned DVD-Rom,
it’s only the DVD+ R/W that won’t hold the bitsetting.

Ok i’ve tested the +RW bitsetting. I can’t find a problem.

pic 1
Virgin media

pic 2 erase after burn 1

pic 3 burn 2

pic 4 media after 2nd erase

BTW, i use FORMAT rather than ERASE

Thanks for doing the test, much appreciated.

I doubt this has any relevance to my problem but won’t hurt to ask.
I noticed you used the 1.W6 firmware that’s not released yet, also you used Philips 041 media.
1- Were there any modifications in the 1.W6 firmware that were changed regarding bitsetting for R\W media?
2- Is it at all possible that only the RicohJPNw11 media I used may not be behaving properly with the bitsetting and other types of media are fine?

I used DVDInfoPro to do a quick format (didn’t use erase) after the movie was recorded on the virgin disk and it displayed DVD-Rom. After burning the movie again on the formatted disk it dispalyed DVD+.
3- Could DVDInfo Pro have caused this, should I only use Nero speed only to do a quick format?
4- Is Aspi Manager required when using CD Speed, I don’t have the Nero burning software installed.

1.W6 uses identical bitsetting code provided by Liggy.
I haven’t used DIP. so i couldn’t say for sure.
The media shouldn’t make much difference.
I’d try CD-Speed and see how that works for you. if Nero ASPI is required i’m sure you can download it from Nero’s website.

Thanks for your answers, I’ll keep playing with it, I will get this solved, no matter how long it takes.