NEC 3530A won't burn Ridata 8x DVD+RW



I recently purchased some Ridata 8X DVD+RW. My NEC 3530A burner, firmware 3.01, using NeroInfo shows the disk correctly as a DVD+RW. However, it does not detect the burn speed and Windows Explorer shows it as a blank CD. When I try to write to it (to format it or put on data), it starts to write but then produces an illegal disk error. (That’s the message).

I have read elsewhere warnings against upgrading to 3.23, the IO Data version of the firmware. I would only want to do it if there is a good likelihood that the upgrade would solve this problem.

A couple of questions:
Would this firmware upgrade solve my problem?
Is there another solution?
Anyone have an idea how likely NEC is to produce an upgraded firmware that will solve the problem?
Where can I buy Ricoh or Verbatim DVD+RW 8x, disks, which according to NEC should work with this drive?



and Windows Explorer shows it as a blank CD

What do you really expect from the exploDer and BLANK DVD media??

You have to use a proper burning app and suitable firmware with a suitable burner.

3.01 has already the latest +RW strategies.


I’ve tried burning and formatting with Nero Burning Rom, Sonic, Ashampoo, DVDinfopro, Deepburner. No luck.

Any idea about upgraded firmware coming/available that might resolve the problem? Any other solutions? Anyone with experience with these specific DVDs (Ridata 8x DVD+RW? Or where compatible 8x DVD+RW disks are available?


You really should ask NEC. Without a newer firmware it cannot work…

I use them since a while with 4551 and Pio 110, no issues.