Nec 3530a reading to fast?

I have a nec 3530a with the riplock removed and was wondering whether or not there could be a problem with reading different media to fast? Should cd or dvd read slower or can I just let it hum away and read at the most optimal speed or should I tune it down with nero drive speed? new looking for guidance :confused:

Too fast?

You can reduce the speed with Nero Drivespeed.

NOT TO FAST, I was wondering if reading to fast could be a problem and should reduce speed for better qulaity scans?

You wrote about reading, not scanning.

Try scanning at 4x or 6x, if possible.

I am very sorry I am new, I really do want to know about reading. Can reading to fast be a problem?

I really don’t know how reliable the 3530 is for media scanning, but the best chance to find that out would be by viewing an thread about the 3530. :wink: