NEC-3530A 1.6x Burning slow HELP!

For the past 2-3weeks i’ve put up with the fact that my burner has burnt at 1.6x speeds.

:a I am tired of this and have come to ask you guru’s for some help. :bow:

I always restart before burning, and launch nothing but nero. Still 1.6x, DMA is enabled, AFAIK There is no ATAPI layers installed as I read there can be conflicts with ATAPI + NERO. If this isn’t the case welcome to correct me if I am wrong.

I disabled the IMAPI option in the administrative tools section also.

My buffer level when burning drops considerably from 89% to 13% and between. Granted this might be the adjustments of my burner but in the past usually stayed within the 70% to 89% or above range. Dont know if mentioning this matters but any and all information to resolve this issue is of the most importance to me as burning for me is a daily routine.

Any suggestions as to what can fix or what is causing the problems would be very helpful.

Using the latest 104c firmware + using sony DVD-R 16x + TDK DVD-R 16X Media. I will edit or reply with the DVDinfo on the Media mentioned.

Problem solved:
20:25:47 (E:) _NEC DVD±RW ND-3530A(0:1): Recording completed successfully!
20:25:47 Elapsed Time: 00:05:50, Average speed: 9.1X
20:25:50 All recording procedures have been completed!
20:25:50 Elapsed Time: 00:05:52

Uninstall DVD burner restart. =/ Driver error it seems. Simplest thing always over looked. Thanx Freaks!!!