Nec 3530



Hi I just bought a Dell 8400 that comes with a NEC 3530a and I was wondering what everyone else’s cd drive says in their my computer, I used starforce nightmare(a program that disables your cd drive) before and I think my drive name changed to DVD-RW drive, even though I know it burns DVD+R.

I was wondering if there was a way to rename my drive or is there a way I can reinstall the drivers for it?

If anyone owns a dell 8400 with a DVD± drive can you tell me what it is called in your my computer?

TIA guys


I have a Dell Dimension 5000 with the same drive and it is called a DVD-RW. I have also fitted an LG 4163 and it is called a DVD-RAM drive.


Same! FW 102b but I flashed to 3.01. Seems to be a fast reader.


Dell 8400 3530a! May be the same as the 3540! Maybe! Everyother Sat!


i dun think 3530=3540

some experts tried to convert it bur failed. guess they r calibrated differently.


The Nec 3530 is a terrible ripper. I ran a test this weekend with two movies, making a copy with dvdshrink/dvdcrypter method. On one pc using my Mad Dog (Nec3500 as the reader, and burning to my Pioneer A07XLA), the entire process took about 35 minutes to get my burned DVD. On my other system reading from my Nec 3530, and burning to my Plextor PX716, it took nearly an hour. The entire process was done on one pc, and I still had to wait 30 minutes for the NEC 3530 to just finish reading in the movie. The quality of the burns on the NEC 3530, using Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim, are pretty close (but not quite as good), as the burn quality on my Plextor PX716. Guess I’ll just not use the Nec 3530 for ripping.


Liggy has a FW for the 3530 with rip lock removed! very nice unit!