Nec 3530 WOW

If the specs old true, the Nec 3530 could be the last burner anyone needs. With possible 8x + DL, not much room for improvement is possible. If 8x R DL could it also be used for 8x - DL? Both R being done and RW specs are so close to maxing out not much improvement is needed. Does anyone burn at 32x cd rw? SO this may be the last burner they focus on and work on the next generation.

If it does support -DL, i dont think we’d see more than 4x to begin with. I’m sure that firmware updates would soon take care of that though. It sounds like a great drive, but does anyone know when the expected release date for this thing is?

as soon as all you 3500 owners buy the 3520…then they’ll release the 3530. :stuck_out_tongue:

to much burners from one factory in a short time!
one plattform with upgrades to pay semms better for me.

It can’t burn (or read) DVD-RAM at 8x/16x, so I’ll wait for the new LG. :iagree:

It cannot burn dvd-ram at ANY speed.

The new LG 4163 can only burn dvd-ram at 5x ( = ~3x), the same as my LG 4120. At the moment the fastest dvd-ram discs are 5x.

I know it can’t burn DVD-RAM at any speed, I meant it in general (not able to read/write DVD-RAM), but because I think (hope) the next LG burner can burn DVD-RAM at 8x (or higher) I wrote that down.

I hope so too - 'cos even 8x speed dvd-ram only equates to ~ 4x dvd-r speed.

where have found info on this new drive…

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Also I think they learned from another company and I willn’t say witch. :rolleyes: But I’ll give you a hint. Just read some of the comments. :bigsmile:

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I don’t think there will be many 3500 owners that will buy the 3520 :wink:

:iagree: :iagree: I couldn’t agree more.

I personally wouldn’t buy another NEC drive until they include support for PI/PIF testing.

I am personally really hoping my brand new 3520 can become a 3530. Or atleast get an opportunity to kick someone from NEC in the nuts. Either way I’ll be satisfied.

lol PC-GUY…i hardly call my joke (notice the smiley) being a troll…you’re really not that bright.

unlike what you did over in the Plextor section, i didn’t say anything about the quality, performance, etc of NEC drives…i didn’t dissuade anyone from buying an NEC, and i didn’t go out of my way to demonstrate that NEC drives are of lesser quality (which i hold no opinion on really).

i’ll probably get reprimanded by the mods for this post, but you’re an idiot…plain and simple.

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What about DVD+RW DL? Is it defined yet?