NEC 3530 to a NEC 3540

Any progress on this? Just curious! May not be any advantage other than creating one set of FW to modify.

I think it might be possible, but in order to confirm this, someone has to take the risk of damaging his drive.

If anyone is interested, I could provide him with the necessary tools and instructions for conversion of 3530<->3540.

Since I have a new 109/A09 I might be tempted! I think I could flash back if I get into trouble. But one would never be sure!

Does anyone know if the hardware is different?
Any Dell Dudes up?

I read several times that the hardware should be identical, but we don’t know for sure.

Instructions on a possible conversion to 3540 are in your PM inbox now.

I must be missing something. The first scans of the 3540 looked very bad. I had formed the opinion that I would avoid the 3540. My 3520 actually burns most of my media as well as or better than my 3500. Why would anyone want to go to the 3540? Have the scans improved that much?


Different how? Dell 8400 3530A

Maybe 3530 isn’t much better than 3540 with a original firmware. =)

The hacked FW for the 3530 is doing fine! I didn’t know that the 3540 with hacked FW was not doing well! I will do a search.

Nec 3540 I tested wasn’t very good with stock firmware.

If your 3530 burns OK and it is possible to use a 3540 firmware on these drives, I don’t think your burns will get worse.

I don’t either! You and Dee did both FWs so I suspect they are the same!

LD3540 1.W3 / I will try this one!

Liggy, When I retagged the drive and hit apply I got an error message but it retagged it anyway. I then tried to flash it and I got the wrong drive message or something like that. I even dumped the FW and tried a cold flash. So I retagged it back to a 3530 and flashed with the v.1 for the 3530.
PS! it did show as a 3540, I just could not flash it with the hacked FW in Bin Flash!

Sent you a link with a modified Binflash version. After switching from 3530 to 3540 with my tool, I think you need to flash a 3540 firmware with this flasher.

BTW: It usually helps more to exactly name an error message than just saying there was an error message. :wink:

Nice to see that somebody has the nerves to flash his 3530 to a 3540. Good job etp (and Liggy).
Lets hope this works :slight_smile:

Yeowee! I thought about taking notes after I did it! LOL I was to nervous and was anious to flash back if I could!


How about flashing a 3520 to a 3540? Any ideas? The 3540 or the 3530 is not available here in N.J.