NEC 3530 firmware with full bitsetting support

After releasing a 3540 bitsetting firmware, I decided to not forget about 3530 users and modified the 3.01 firmware to include complete bitsetting.

Except for the [EDIT][/EDIT] the same as in the 3540 post applies to these files. To make it short, download the NEC 3530 bitsetting firmware here and a suitable flasher here.

Thanks Liggy!

How you manage to do it without the drive let me amazed !
Great work

BTW, what’s the difference between 3520 and 3530 in spec ?
(I know 3520/3540 difference is 8X DL only…)

6x DL

I see… That’s called a firmware update with other brands, LOL !

(Crossflashing not allowed, buy, buy…)

It seems to be up to the OEM customer to decide what DL speeds it should support and if DVD-R DL should be supported at all:
“*DVD+R(DL) writing speed will be changed by PC OEM customer request. (4x, 6x or 8x)”,

The Dell version supports for example 8x DVD+R DL but not DVD-R DL at all according to the specs while the Iodata version supports 6x DVD+R DL and 4x DVD-R DL.

Stupid… I wish rebadgers would stop buying Nec drives… so they would start selling their drives as they should… to the customers only.

Thanks for the link :wink:

>>DVD+R(DL) writing speed will be changed by PC OEM
>>customer request. (4x, 6x or 8x)

:bigsmile: So called “Specifications”, lol ! what do you want in your firmware, my OEM ?

For starters PI/PIF support do you have jitter also ? No? … then hmm… 6x DVD+R DL… no no… make this 8x. Then DVD-R DL would be nice… can you make it 6x ? No? Then 4x. Don’t forget the usual … DVD±R 16x and DVD-RW 6x and DVD+RW 8x. Thanx. =)

Liggy, is 3.01 the same as 3.23 from Iodata?

There are also some hardware changes. Extra components on the PCB and we suspect possibly a new revision of the DSP chip, although we are unsure about that.

@raygay. Liggy’s 3.01 also supports +RW bitsetting

3.01 support 6x write speed on +DL(MKM 001) but 3.23 only support 4x.

i dun think so. Iodata’s 3.22/3.23 is supposed to be 6x on MKM001

this is the info taken fr YSS site

Thanks, very much, will flash my drive immediately.

It was not really difficult. I know where the booktype settings are stored in the drive. It’s easy to locate the code that accesses these settings. For all firmwares with NEC style bitsetting commands, there are exactly two routines that deal with these values.

For bitsetting patches I only have to take the routine from a (somewhat) compatible drive, add it to the firmware I want to modify, change some offsets that are different between firmwares, adjust some memory locations, fix the checksum and that’s it. Most of the time was needed for patching some subroutine calls, but I made a small script that calls a small external program and patches these calls.

I have to admit that adding bitsetting to this firmware took me less than half an hour :rolleyes:

BTW: From looking at some things in this firmware, I’m not that sure anymore, that the 3530 and 3540 can’t be crossflashed. If someone flashed this firmware to his drive and knows how to execute a commandline program, please drop me a note. I want to get the safe mode firmware for this drive, but that one cannot be dumped with the original firmwares.

This is the informations of 3.23 given by NEC Dump 1.23.

Anyone do a speed check yet! I still get a 1.9x DL start speed with the fast FW version of Liggy’s 3.01 Fast.

Hey Liggy! What brand does the monkey smoke?

I don’t know about the monkey, but I don’t smoke at all. I even hate smoking. :Z

For the NEC 3530 and 3540 modified firmwares there are things changed which the latest NECDump can’t read. Quikee2 should release another version that reads the write speeds correctly but I think he is busy with other projects… :slight_smile: