NEC 3530 firmware is out!

The 3530 2.10 & 3.00 firmwares can be downloaded from my site. See link below. :cool:

Is the drive even out?

What’s a 3530? dont you mean a 3540?

Japan’s Iodata released a NEC 3530

but they r releasing 3540 in late April

the specs diff are the writing speed for DL± media.
nec3530 - 6x DL+9/4x DL-9
nec3540 - 8x DL+9/6x DL-9

i know it is very confusing. i myself also very confused.

It’s even more confusing because Dell lists a ND-3530A too, but with different specs:
No support for DVD-R DL but DVD+R DL is supported at 8x speed,