NEC 3530 dudes

Hey! Just got my Dell and it has a 3530. FW=102b. Any FWs that will make it faster?
It is burning TY02 at 16X just like the 3500s. I will try a Max 0002 tonight.

If you are able to burn TY02 at 16X with stock F/W then you really do’nt need to bother for any mod F/W.


TCAS! Shows 8X for MAX 0002 in tools. So we need a FW update for this beast.

PS/LD’s FW is only 12X for the 3500 and MAX 0002 MIJ

Since I don’t have the NEC 3530 drive I can’t express any opinion, I don’t think the NEC forum community have up with any mod f/w for this drive yet. I have also doubt that you can cross flashed this drive f/w with 3500 may be with 3520 but not 3500. Even tghat you should be able to burn Fuji or Maxell DVD+/-R (8X) at 16 without difficulty.

A 3520 cant be crossflashed to a 3530 or 3540 yet
Modifying the ND-3530 or ND-3540 firmware is not a problem, we can already do that.

Dee! Any FW to speed up Max 0002 +R to 16X on the 3530? And also the 3500.

Overspeeding media isn’t a problem, doing it with any sort of quality is the hard part. But no, no firmwares ready for this drive yet.

so the implication is that in the future crossflashing should be possible?

no…what Dee27 meant was that modication on nec3530/40 f/w can be done now but not on 3520 f/w to flash to nec3530.

if u read up the renowned jap site YSS, he failed and almost destroyed the

We are working on implementing 3530 3540 DVD features into the 3520 drive.
We have already managed 6X and 8X DL with some test firmware already. But there is still much work to be done. So far 6X DL works 8X fails.
Hopefully this will mean that attempting to crossflash the drive will not be needed.

:bow: Thank you for your hard work!