Nec 3520aw problem




I have problem with nec 3520aw drive…I can burn cd and dvd but my drive does not read dvd-s…and read cd…when I put dvd into drive it recognize it like blank media or windows don’t recognize it at all…I have updated firmware 3.07 but I still have a problem…Comp is win xp pro, I burn wiht nero 7.5, and Any dvd… Pc is abitNF-7, amd athlon 2500, maxtor hard 120 gb, nec is on slave…and I’am not expert for computes…so PLEASE HELP ME!!!

Sorry on my english!!!

Thank you one more time!!!


That is a driver proble, re-install the ide drivers.


sory but I don’t know which IDE drivers I must install?


Use devicemanager to do that.


It’s not problem with ide drivers…other solutions?
thank you!!!


Then you OS installation is wrecked.


Hi! I reinstall my windows…now nec can read cd and dvd + media, but it want read dvd- media… any solution???..I’am very grateful for your assist…you help me a lot


Do you refer to blank or written media?


write media…i can burn on dvd- and on other comp it works nice


Using +R media or get another brand burner are only solutions I find. My 3520 does same as well as many other threads about same problem with NEC 35xx drives. Pioneer and LiteOn burners on same systems read same -R media without fail. Strangely my 3520 reads -R when booted to safe mode as well as Win98 normal mode, but it will not read -R in normal mode for WinXP or Win2K. I’ve seen many other posters with NEC drives having same problem of not reading -R and at least one with the read in Win98 but not read WinXP normal mode.